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Getting Jacked & Tan : AM session.

CaliforniaStrength (7 ) ==> .
Snatch Battle and Block Cleans.

First off, we'd like to apologize for the lack of videos the past few weeks. We've been going through some media issues and upgrades that will hopefully lead to more content for you guys! That being said, we have been grinding away on Jacked and Tan, getting strong as sh*t. All the guys were excited to finally snatch heavy from the floor, despite not snatching heavy from the floor the entire cycle. Rob put up a big 150kg snatch, and Scott pulled out a PR 156kg snatch. Then off the blocks, our young buck David Mckeller managed a massive 160kg clean, a 15kg pr from any position. He got under 165kg twice, but his baby legs were gassed from all the monster attempts he took beforehand. He's heading to OKC for Junior Nationals this weekend, and we couldn't be more excited to watch him kill it at his first national meet!

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Big Totals for Big Money $$$.

We decided to have a little competition to get everyone fired up to go big. Because nothing in the world is more motivating than Money right?! Right! $100 for the person closest to their PR Meet Total, $60 for second, $40 for third.
PR Meet Totals:
Spencer 358
Scott 330
Rob 325
Mike 295
Nicole 140

Scott came in first, beating his current meet total of 330, with a 343 total.
Rob came in second with 320, which is 98.4% of 325.
Nicole came in third with 137.5, which is 98.2% of 140

Scott hits 2 massive PR's 185kg and 190kg clean and jerks.
Rob takes a few close attempts at a PR 157kg snatch.
Spencer has a few close attempts at 158kg snatch, and crushes a 194kg clean and jerk.

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Getting After the First Day of the BFS Cycle.

The Braver Faster Stronger cycle kicks off with some position 1 snatches, Cleans plus Double Jerks, and Squats. Not every training session has our team going after monster attempts and getting their adrenaline pumping. With week 1 numbers so light, we're really focusing on moving with speed and purpose, to engrain good motor patterns. That being said, we've thrown in some badass Barbell WOD girls lifting to make up for the lack of intensity. You're welcome!

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Colleen, Snatch off the Blocks, Jackie, Clean and Jerk.

The team had to work up to a heavy snatch single from the blocks, followed by a few dropset doubles. Then they had 6 singles on clean and jerk, followed by some squats. Colleen and Jackie got their barbellWOD workout done in preparation for the Open.

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Indianapolis for the 2015 NFL Combine.

Coach Dave and Scott went to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. We had 4 guys there this year: Zack Wagenmann, Tyeler Davison, Jordan Richards, and Mark Nzeocha. In between the hectic schedule of the Combine, Scott was able to find some time to train with 2014 105kg National Silver Medalist Ethan Harak. We got some footage of Tyeler and Zack getting warm in the convention center the night before their testing and drills
Zack Wagenmann (DE)
Vert - 37.5in (3rd)
3 Cone - 7.07s (1st)
20yd Shuttle - 4.26s (5th)
60yd Shuttle - 12.0s (4th)

Tyeler Davison (DT)
Bench - 32reps (5th)
Vert - 33in (4th)
20yd Shuttle - 4.46s (5th)

Jordan Richards (S)
3 Cone - 6.7s (2nd)
20yd Shuttle - 4.22s (8th)

Mark Nzeocha (LB)
Bench - 24reps (10th)
This was the only test he did due to the fact he is only weeks out of ACL surgery. He will be impressive at his Pro Day.

All of these guys will have the opportunity to better their results at their given Pro Days.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
The Monday Night Grind.

Spencer and Nicole attack some big lifts from the floor in preparation for the Arnold this weekend. The rest of the team goes heavy on deficit snatch and block clean and jerk.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Competing for "yes Daddy's".

With Spencer and Nicole at the Arnold, the rest of the team competed against each other for the coveted "yes daddy's"... If you don't know what those are, watch the video to find out.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Spencer and Nicole at the Arnold.

Spencer and Nicole competed at the Arnold this past weekend.
Nicole had a great day with a 60kg Snatch and a 79kg Clean and Jerk, giving her the second highest total she's ever hit 139kg. She also had a close miss at 81kg which would have been a PR Clean and Jerk.
Spencer Moorman killed with PR's all over the place. 163kg lifetime PR Snatch. 201kg Clean and Jerk for a lifetime PR total of 364kg. He also hit a PR clean of 205 but missed the Jerk.
Now they're back in the gym with the rest of the team, grinding away in preparation for Nationals. We had Power Snatch, plus 2 hang power snatches. Followed by halt clean doubles.

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
A Little Competition Never Hurt Anyone.

We put up everyone's best lifts (from any position) to acquire "PR Totals" for everyone. Then we snatched from the floor and clean and jerked from the blocks. Whoever was closest to their PR Total won! Watch and find out who stepped up that day!

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
Bringin the Music Back! with some Snatches from the Blocks.

Some heavy snatches from the blocks followed by some moderately heavy clean and jerks. Thanks Big Mike for buying a new sound system since we've broken the last 4.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
Scott and David Killin PR's for Cash.

We had another little cash prize for anyone who could beat their best "total" (best snatch plus best clean and jerk from any position). Young Buck David Mckellar had a huge day hitting a PR snatch of 130kg and a PR clean and Jerk of 152kg for a PR 282kg total.
Scott Hisaka also had a huge day with a PR 160kg Snatch and a PR 191kg Clean and Jerk for a PR 351kg Total. He also hit a PR clean of 195kg.

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BFS Highlights and Q&A info for Next Week.

With the Braver, Faster, Stronger Cycle wrapping up, it's nice to look back on all the PR's and big lifts the team has put up even during the grueling training.

CaliforniaStrength (8 ) ==> .
Running through these 6's with my Bros.

The team had 6 timed singles on Pause snatch and 6 singles on Clean and Jerk.
Also Huge shoutout to BarbellWOD badass Colleen Fotsch for winning Crossfit Open workout 15.5 with the fastest time in the WORLD! Congratulations Colleen!

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
Day 1 of the 3P Cycle!

Today's the first day of the 3P cycle! We started off night practice with 8 timed singles on snatch, 85% clean and jerk followed by drop set doubles, and then 5 doubles at 80% on Front Squat.

CaliforniaStrength (3 ) ==> .
Consistency is King.

Timed singles, block work, skwaats.

CaliforniaStrength (3 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice - April 1st AM 2015.

With competitions, another Pan Am qualifier and Nationals around the corner, Team MDUSA is putting in work. Check out the Muscle Driver athletes as they knock out a snatch workout in the morning. Also some April Fool's pranks were in play. Keep posted for the PM workout to be posted later this week.

MDUSA Weightlifting (11 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice Video - April 1st PM 2015.

The follow up to April 1st's AM practice video, in the AM video you saw the team training snatches from the blocks. In this PM edition of the training video, see Team MDUSA train jerks from the blocks and cleans from the blocks. Lots of big numbers and PR's.

MDUSA Weightlifting (14 ) ==> .
Man the F*CK Up!

The timed singles have been getting heavier and heavier, with Wednesdays being the worst. Heavy pause snatches, and heavy clean and jerks. We have to make at least 5 out of 6 to increase weight the following week. Misses happen when it gets heavy, it's up to you to dig deep and come back to make the rest!

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
First Friday on the 3P.

First max out friday of the 3P cycle. Highlights include:
Rob with a PR Snatch of 156kg and a PR Total of 332kg
Spencer with an easy 360kg Total
David with a PR clean and jerk of 153kg and some close attempts at 160kg
Scott and Nicole are a little banged up but managed to get some okay lifts in.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Singles Night at Cal Strength.

More timed singles from hell. These are getting heavy quickly. Only a matter of time before one of us dies.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
Big Mike Bending Bars and Making PR's (and eating children).

Some footage from Monday's morning session and the big lifts from Friday night.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Baby Sam has a Decision to Make, While the Team Tapers for a Meet.

Back on week 2 numbers with a little less volume as we taper for a local meet this Saturday.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Rivertown Classic.

The Team went up to The Rivertown Classic and did work! Everyone had great performances and PR's except Scott, Big Mike, and Nicole who all had to sit this meet out with injuries.

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
Ian Wilson 2014 Pan Am Championships Preparation.

Some good training clips from April 2014. Follow my training on instagram @iwilson1894.

Ian Wilson (3 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice May 1st - When the Don's away... (w/ Commentary).

With James Tatum, Travis Cooper, and Ariel Stephens away at St. Louis, the rest of the team decided to go a little extra at Friday's practice. Can you say PR's?

MDUSA Weightlifting (13 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice Video - May 9th PM 2015.

With Nationals in the near future, Team MDUSA is preparing with jerk drills and block pulls. Check it out and keep posted for more training videos!!

MDUSA Weightlifting (14 ) ==> .
Spencer with a 361kg Total and David with a PR Snatch.

The Last heavy Friday of the 3P cycle was a rough one, with most of the team beat up or injured, but they got through it. Now onto the CNIC!
Join us at.

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
2 Men, a Midget, and a Cripple walk into a bar.

David, Spencer, and Nicole crushing wednesday night of the CNIC! While broken cripple Scott does his light work and rehab.

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
Big Lifts, Bhangra, and Equality for Nicole.

The First Friday of the CNIC has the team feeling pretty beat up from all the complexes, but not too beat up to make some big weights!

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
wednesday final.

We're in the final week of the 3p cycle and basically Spencer is the only one left who is healthy. He crushed his weights today. Everyone else still had to struggle and put in work, but they either had to drop the weights down a little or work at a lighter load due to injury.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
David Wants to be a Big Boy.

Here's footage from last friday night, and some footage from last week when Big Mike took the camera and decided to interrogate people. Nicole and Scott are still nursing injuries so did not lift heavy on Friday. David on the other hand put some big boy pants on and attempted 3 slabs of beef aka 3 reds aka 170kg aka the first weight that makes you not a little boy anymore. 200kg is the first weight that makes you a man.
Big mike steps in and does some Big Push Presses up to 400lbs.
I know a lot of you have asked for us to put kilos and pounds on the videos, but I'm a firm believer in problem solving and the basic math skills for our future generations. If you can't multiply by 2.2, how do you ever expect to get that cashier job at McDonalds that you've been destined for your whole life?! -Scott Hisaka.

CaliforniaStrength (6 ) ==> .
Complexes going up on a Tuesday.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice - May 8th w/ Commentary.

As the team is starting to prep for Nationals, practices are spent with a little more fine tuning. Check out Team MDUSA working on some off the floor snatches and technique work. Trevor Britton and Lindsey Stroker commentate on the practice.

MDUSA Weightlifting (11 ) ==> .
Team MDUSA Practice - May 11th.

Team Muscle Driver with some moderately heavy snatches and clean and jerks.

MDUSA Weightlifting (15 ) ==> .
25.05.2015. Spencer's 365.6kg PR Total at Fathom Crossfit.

Scott, David, and Spencer drove down to sunny San Diego to support our BarbellWOD family and friends competing at the California Super Regionals. They met up with Charlie Zamora of Caffeine and Kilos, Milo Gutierrez of Midtown Barbell, and Chad "the Cyborg" Augustin at Fathom Crossfit to get a quick session in to shake off the long drive. Spencer decided to ball out and actually lift heavy.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
03.06.2015. Startin' the Day Off Right with Some Powers!

Wednesday Morning Practice with Scott, Spencer, and David.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
28.05.2015. Team MDUSA Practice - May 23, 2015 w/ Commentary.

Team MDUSA's practice from May 23rd. The team hit it pretty hard going 80-90%. We also had some special guests, new Team Member Jacky Bigger and Holley Mangold.

MDUSA Weightlifting (10 ) ==> .
05.06.2015. Team MDUSA Practice - June 3rd w/ Commentary.

Team MDUSA Athlete Jared Fleming and Coach Dan Kraft, breakdown Wednesday's practice and check out the team's progress.

MDUSA Weightlifting (16 ) ==> .
08.06.2015. Spencer Clean and Jerks 207kg.

Spencer hits a PR clean and Jerk of 207kg at the Butch Curry Classic. Meanwhile back at home, the young bucks get some good work in.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
09.06.2015. Team MDUSA Practice June 5th - w/Commentary.

Coach Don McCauley and Rebecca Gerdon check out new comer Sarah Carter and give some feedback about Friday's practice.

MDUSA Weightlifting (11 ) ==> .
Stop Trying to Get Me Better!

Heavy Singles from Wednesday Night Practice.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
10.06.2015. Wednesday Night Training with Ian and Justin.

It was good to have our buddy Ian Wilson back in the gym. He's 9 weeks out of shoulder surgery and just getting back into squatting.
Justin Meyer is an up and coming 105kg from Montana who went after some big weights tonight. He took a few shots at a PR 160kg snatch and a PR 191 clean and jerk.
Spencer hit some easy lifts around 90% at 160kg and 190kg.
Scott hit his second 150kg snatch since the quad strain and a comeback PR clean of 175kg.
David smoked a 120kg snatch and a 155kg clean.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
01.06.2015. Man Up.

Training from big lift friday and monday night practice.
Spencer hit a PR 165kg Snatch and a 203kg clean and jerk for a PR 368kg Total on friday.
Tonight David had to put on the Man Up shirt so he could pull it together for a big 125kg snatch.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
15.06.2015. Friday Night with Adee and Hayden.

Adee Zukier and Hayden Bowe came by to train with us on Friday. Scott and Spencer went a little lighter than normal, but still got a good practice in. It's always a good time when we have guests in the house for max out Friday.

CaliforniaStrength (5 ) ==> .
16.06.2015. Team MDUSA Practice June 12th - w/ Commentary .

Sean Rigsby and Trevor Britton scope out one of the best Max Out Friday's.

MDUSA Weightlifting (13 ) ==> .
18.06.2015. Deload Chillin on a Monday.

Starting off our deload with some light singles. It's a much needed break after the last program killed us.

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
22.06.2015. Rough Friday After the Deload .

CaliforniaStrength (4 ) ==> .
16.06.2015. Team MDUSA Practice June 12th - w/ Commentary .

Travis Cooper and Mike Szela break down the teams practice and check out some pretty awesome PR's.

MDUSA Weightlifting (15 ) ==> .
24.06.2015. Team MDUSA Practice June 19th - Mock Meet.

While some of the Team was away competing in Miami, the rest of Team MDUSA had a Mock Meet with Coach Wilkes.
Tayler Harris and Dan Kraft commentate.

MDUSA Weightlifting (18 ) ==> .
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